Glitch: The Perils of Zombies & Time Travel

Book Reviews in Brief: Glitch by Brenda Pandos

What would you tell your young self, if you had the ability to go back in time and give your best advice and in the process make a real difference in the world? In Glitch, our reluctant heroine, Abby,  gets to know the advantages and potential disasters time travel (and zombies) present. Sci-fi and Fantasy addicts will enjoy time-traveling with Abby in this Divergent-esque dystopian Young Adult novel. Read more about Brenda Pandos.

The Gist: Abby spends her time flirting with her best friend’s brother, playing baseball, following the rules and, trying not to think about the zombies beyond Brighton’s closely monitored walls. She’s just your average teenage girl.

Or she would be, if her future self wouldn’t keep interfering. Not to mention the beautiful blue-eyed boy who says her future self has told him he’ll one day be her husband. It’s all too much for one teenager to manage, but Abby’s got no choice – her own life depends on it.

The Best: This dystopian, science-fiction read is fast-paced and exciting, sometimes slightly scary. Abby was an interesting character, and changed and grew in surprising ways, probably as a result of all the time travel. The scenery is especially well developed, inside and outside Brighton. The zombies are disgusting and vividly described, but fortunately don’t get a lot of on-page time.

The Worst: The time-jumping Abby does can be very confusing. For the most part, I could follow, but sometimes when reading before bed, I’d get confused. What with the zombies, and Big Brother-esque society, this isn’t exactly a relaxing read. There are a few minor typos and grammar hiccups, but nothing too distracting, .

Notable Quotables:

“‘Your ratio of time lost versus time gained is commendable.”

“I didn’t want a computer telling me who to marry because we’d make genetically perfect children. I wanted something special.”

“‘Murdering your enemy from existence through their parents is pretty clever.'”

“‘He sees people…people from the future.'”

Rule 34.5: If you ever encounter a zombie, don’t run. Stab their head swiftly, aiming for the eye socket, with anything that’ll puncture their brain.”

“‘We just don’t have the need for a hotel when we have homes already.'”

“‘I’m proof people can survive without government interference..'”

“‘ We’ve found, for those with unsure futures, that by not telling them all the details, it’s better for them.'”


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