Mermaids, Zombies & Vampires + Tweetable tips from an Amazon Best-selling Author

It’s not every Amazon best-selling author that goes it alone and survives to write another….and another, and another book. But then Brenda Pandos has a supernatural  support system made up of the pantheon of magical creatures in her head, recently rounded out by the addition of a time-traveler fighting against an evil all-powerful regime that is trying to do away with blue eyes, among other things.

Understandably, we were curious as to how she makes it all work and where the ideas come from. Learn more about what makes this author tick, as well as her  best tips for readers and writers below:

What’s the last thing you read? (It doesn’t have to be a book, could even be sign in the subway, I suppose).

This question? Haha. Kidding. Just finished Poison Princess by Kresley Cole. Loved it!

Do you have any unusual writing rituals or habits? 

I am addicted to ice tea so I have to have that. I also need lip balm, and frequent snack breaks.

I get good ideas when I’m doing dishes or fixing a snack.

What book could you read over and over and never get bored? 
I love this unknown series by Robin Hardy, called the Lystra series. The first book is  Chataine’s guardian. It’s so romantic. I also could read the Harry Potter Series over and over.

If you could be mentored by any writer, living or dead, who would you choose and why?  

CS Lewis, because he’s brilliant.

What genres do you read for pleasure and what genres do you avoid like the plague?

Thrillers, mysteries, sweet romance, young adult paranormal and sci-fi are awesome. I’m not a fan of horror or erotica.

What books would you put on a required reading list for humanity?

Anything by CS Lewis

Do you have any advice, or reading suggestions for your fellow writers?

Get a degree in marketing. The writing stuff you can pick up on your own and learn from other writers.

Your books deal with mermaids, vampires, zombies and time-travel. What inspired you to write about mythological creatures, paranormal events and fantastical worlds? Was your writing influenced or inspired by any particular books or authors? 

I have an overactive imagination. Growing up, my backyard was a canvas for anything and everything. White knights on horses, damsels in distress, mermaids, hoop skirts, summer camp, you name it.

I was pretending everything I possibly could fairytale wise.

My vampire series was inspired by Twilight, and my mermaid series from the movie, Splash. A milestone birthday, and “dear younger me,” inspired my Lost in Time series. Read our Review in Brief of Glitch.

You’re an Amazon best-selling indie author. People must ask you how to become one all the time. What’s your best tweetable tip?

Finish your book. Have it edited by a professional. Don’t stop writing just to promote your book. Be teachable.

Do you prefer to read paperbacks, leather-bound or e-books?I actually prefer audiobooks since I’m always staring at a screen. It’s nice to have someone read to me.
What’s your favorite place to read and write?

I like to read in bed and write outside on my porch, or at my desk which is newly situated in front of my corner window.


Author Brenda Pandos lives in California with her husband, two energetic boys, eight chickens and a grumpy orange cat. She writes fast-paced stories about kissing, hot mermen, bad boy vampires, and occasionally zombies–not all in the same stories. When she’s not writing, or wrangling her kids, she’s failing at her latest Pinterest replication or delivering a really bad pun. More than anything she loves to hear from readers. Feel free to email or write on her facebook wall.

You can also find her at:

Periscope: Brenda Pandos


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  1. Thanks for the interview. I totally enjoyed it! I’m so happy you loved Glitch!!!

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