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Hi! Thanks for your interest in sponsoring Read.Learn.Write. If you think your blog, website, product or business is a good match for us, please contact us at readlearnwrite@gmail.com with the subject line Sponsorship. Please keep in mind the focus of the site (reading, learning and writing–think books & literature).

We’re currently offering different sizes of ad space and sponsored posts, which can be modified to fit your budget & time constraints.

When will my ad/sponsored post go up? 48 hours maximum (usually sooner) after your payment comes through.

Can I give you my book/course/reading or writing-related product to review? We’d be happy to review something for our readers! But because it takes time (lots of it) to read/use, photograph and review your item in a post, there is a $50 fee. We’ll also link back to your site every time we mention the item in future posts, and will share the post to all of our social media accounts with pictures.

That said, item must 1) fit within the general focus of our site–obviously it must have to do with reading, writing and learning and 2) be delivered free of charge to use/read.

All reviews of products/books/courses are guaranteed to be 100% our honest opinion—Unfortunately, that means we can’t guarantee  a positive review. We may or may not like your book/product/course.

Can I sponsor a book/product/course giveaway?

Of course! We love to give our readers the chance to win free book-related stuff. You have the choice to set the prize and rules for winning, and we will choose the winner based on the number of comments and a random number generator. but again, prizes and contests must fit within the general focus of our site (reading, learning and writing) and prizes must be delivered free of charge to winners.

Disclaimer: In light of full disclosure, We must be allowed to highlight any sponsored item or post as such. Of course, while we will consider all sponsorship and product offers, we will only work with and post about products, blogs, and businesses that have to do with reading, learning, and writing. We will not accept or link to adult websites, or websites with racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise questionable content.