Winners Announced! A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bookstore/Library

As promised, here are the winners of the February writing contest:

First place: T. Lloyd Reilly

Second Place: Anita Dualeh

Most Outrageous/Honorable Mention: Angelo B. Ancheta

You can read their stories here.

I’m a sucker for a Faustian tale, what can I say. All three entries were great. It was extremely difficult to choose a winner. I probably won’t judge one of these again so I don’t have to be in the hot seat!

Winners, if you’ll email me at I will get the information needed to award prizes. I can’t thank you enough for your participation.


We have an exciting guest post lined up for tomorrow. This one comes from the UK (I think) and our author, Emi Howe, certainly introduced me to a few new words. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


This weekend I will be in New York. If there are any reader recommendations for reading, learning, or writing activities in New York, I’m listening. Leave a comment or shoot me an email.

Photo: Some rights reserved by terren in Virginia

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