20 Things You Can Do Today to Become a Better Reader Without Leaving the House

This essay was written by Brandon Monk.

Reading isn’t a hobby that tends to break the bank. In fact, with a library card you can do it for next to nothing. Sometimes, though, taking a positive step toward identifying yourself as a reader makes all the difference. Runners don’t need much, but they buy shoes. Writers don’t need much but they use a laptop, notebook, and pens.

Even aside from gear, you can take positive steps today to be a better reader from the comfort of your own home.

20 suggestions (many of these links are referral links meaning the site gets a few pennies if you purchase using it):

1. Buy a pencil to hold in your hand while you read. Maybe this one?

2. Buy a Reading Journal. Ever owned a moleskin?

3. Buy a Book from Amazon.

4. Find a book around the house that you bought, but never read. Read 10 pages. Everybody owns at least one, right?

5. Set up a reading room or area where you can read in peace. Preferably a room without a TV.

6. Subscribe to a reading blog.

7. Set your alarm clock 15 minutes early so you can read before work.

8. Buy an e-reading device like a Kindle or Nook.

9. Talk to your significant other about reading or about a book you just read.

10. Read a book to your children.

11. Pick a short poem you can read as a warm-up before every reading session.

12. Try to create a reading mantra that you read or say to yourself from memory before you sit down to read.

13. Do a yoga workout so you can maintain good reading posture next time you read.

14. Memorize a poem or quote to share with a co-worker.

15. Search for an author you heard mentioned recently on Wikipedia.

16. Subscribe to a magazine or newspaper that shares book reviews.

17. Buy a reading lamp on Amazon.com

18. Order a reading snack on Amazon.com so you can read without hunger pains.

19. Buy a set of noise canceling headphones so you can read when you can’t escape the TV.

20. Follow a writer you are reading or may want to read on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

Of course, I’ve omitted the obvious which is to read.

I’m sure you can add to the list. Remember the rules. You have to be able to take some action today and you can’t leave home. Have some fun with it. Leave a comment if you have a suggestion.

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  1. Nancy

    Here are some more:
    -Read the book before you see the movie.
    -Always have a book or magazine with you when traveling, going to appointments, meetings, etc.in case you have to wait.
    -Make friends with people who like to talk about what they have read recently.
    -Hang out in libraries and bookstores.
    -Listen to audiobooks when you can’t sleep at night or at the gym.

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