[Audio] Greek Human Creation Myths

This is an audio recording by Brandon Monk.

In this episode I discuss three Greek creation myths:

1. Prometheus creates humans with his brother Epimetheus.

2. The gods create men, starting with the golden race, and working to the iron race.

3. The “flood” creation myth.

Then, I talk about how women were created and about Zeus’ revenge on Prometheus and mankind through the use of Pandora.


  1. Chris

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing! If you start doing these every week, I can add them to my educational reading audio that I sometimes listen to while working out or commuting on foot or in the metro.

    1. Read.Learn.Write

      Thanks for listening. I am going to try to keep doing them every week because, if nothing else, it makes me focus and really learn the material. I get a lot out of doing them.

      I’m still trying to get to the level of mastering iTunes. It seems one day they’ll take down an episode or two and another day my image is removed.

      It’s an odd little dance with them and I haven’t mastered it yet.

  2. Anjali

    What a great presentation of the Greek human creation myths. In this rushed, technology-driven world we need such reminders of the myths and fables that are part of our human heritage.

    1. Read.Learn.Write

      Thank you very much. I enjoy reading myths and my favorite myth advocate is Joseph Campbell. He had such an enthusiastic way about him.

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