Don't Forget to Create

This is an essay by Brandon Monk.

Give yourself a chance to use what you learn.

Don’t be fooled, books can be consumed in excess.

Read to converse with the great minds and absorb what they can teach you, but do not forget that your ultimate responsibility is to create something, not just consume.

You can create in a conversation by bringing a particular idea to the discussion. You can write a blog post to share what you learned. You can tweet and share with your friends. Write a book. Draw. Paint. Give a speech. Share a particularly creative reading with a book club.

You have a responsibility to remind people how smart they are and empower them through creation.  You will be able to do that because you have rehearsed with your books.

Photo:  Some rights reserved by fotologic


  1. Chris

    Very true!

  2. Anita

    Good point. I might add, “or let it inspire you to take some form of action.” Maybe teach, mentor, give…

  3. Read.Learn.Write

    A very worthwhile addition, Anita. Thanks.

  4. Read.Learn.Write

    So kind. Thank you, Jessica, Chris and Mr. Reilly!

  5. Raj Persaud

    Indeed! There are so many ways of creating a “conversation”, thereby engaging and helping others and yourself in the process.

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