[Audio] 19 Ideas You Shouldn't Miss from The Great Gatsby

You won’t get anything out of this if you haven’t read the book. If, on the other hand, you read the book and then listen to the audio and then read the book again you will have a very good handle on The Great Gatsby.

The audio runs about 32-33 minutes.

Here is what you can expect to hear briefly covered:

1. Nick Carraway’s father’s advice, the opening lines of the book.

2. The two Eggs, East and West (setting).

3. The description of Tom Buchanan.

4. The description of Daisy Buchanan.

5. The eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg.

6. Where does Gatsby get his money? Who is he?

7. Gatsby’s parties.

8. The automobile.

9. Jazz.

10. Fitgerald’s time in Paris.

11. George Wilson’s life in a heap of ashes.

12. The “lost generation.”

13. Time as a theme. Can you repeat the past?

14. Gatsby’s house as a symbol.

15. The dog for the apartment.

16. Women in The Great Gatsby.

17. Life starts all over in the fall.

18. The title of the novel.

19. The American myth.



  1. Anita

    I’ll admit that I didn’t listen to it all, but I was struck by the hint of a drawl in your voice. The internet sometimes offers unexpected reminders of the rich and varied group that writes -or talks – for this site.

  2. Read.Learn.Write

    I am from Texas, so I suppose some of it I can’t help. In our travels to Europe people were surprised Alicia and I didn’t have more of an accent when we said we were from Texas, which we found funny.

    Thanks for listening and commenting.

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